Shekhar Chopra Assistant Manager, Tax & Regulatory, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

When you want to 'succeed' as bad as want to 'breathe', then you will be surely successful - Shiv Khera

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. A boy of a lower middle class family, I have achieved milestone of success with continuous efforts, hard work and determination towards the goal and transformed myself from a layman to a professional.

My academic qualification details are as follows:

Year 2005 – 10th Standard, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Sec. School, Patel Nagar

Year 2007 – 12th Standard, Akali Baba Phoola Singh Sr. Sec. School, Karol Bagh

My Professional qualification details are as follows:

Year 2010 - Qualified Company Secretary, Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Year 2010 – B.COM (Hons), School of Open Learning, Delhi University

Year 2014 – LL.B, 1st year, SGM College, Mathura

Working Experience

2010-2012 - Religare Enterprises Limited – Management Trainee

2012-2014 - SRL Diagnostics Private Limited – Company Secretary

2014-2015 - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited – AM – Merger & Acquisitions

The brand value, qualification, degree, status was not at all part of my life. However, the challenges, struggle, financial distress, economic instability and zero clarity of future, was the routine of my life. During my schooling, one of the financial resource for my expenditure was the 'scholarship from Nishkam'. 'Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council' or Nishkam is a word which is attached to my life as one of the strongest factor for my transformation from layman to professional.

I can easily recall that period of my schooling from VI standard to XII standard, where every year, I was keen to fill form for Scholarship examination duly held by Nishkam and fortunately every year, I got the Scholarship.

The role of Nishkam was not at all over at this stage. In the year 2007 with the guidance and support of my mentor, my teacher and my well-wisher S. Ravinder Singh Ji, who is an eternal part of team Nishkam, I got the admission in Company Secretary – Foundation Course. Truly speaking, at that point of time, I was not at all aware what exactly CS constitute and what would be my role if I become a Company Secretary and moreover whether it is my goal or merely an influential force which was dragging me on a particular route.

But yes, that was a turning point of my life. I cannot express my gratitude in words how much I am thankful to Nishkam and my mentor S. Ravinder Singh Ji, the overall guidance, financial support and mentoring works as a soulmate for me. With my hard work and blessings of all, I cleared the CS Foundation examination in first attempt in year 2008.

Now certain light was there on my way, but still the destination is known to a few only, surprisingly I was not at all part of the same. Again with the help of Nishkam, I got admission in CS Executive programme examination. In full enthusiastic mode, I started my preparation for CS Executive examination. Nishkam supported me from registration fees to coaching fees, library fees to examination fees. It was just like a showering hand over me, which is safeguarding me from all challenges and trying to explain me my focus strategy and my career path.

In 2009, I cleared both groups of CS Executive programme. That was a strong hit, yes, that was really a strong hit. There was no limit to my happiness. I was literally jumping, when I saw my result over the internet. Somewhere in my mind, thunders of thoughts and feelings were rushing and pushing to each other. My parents, my brother, my mentor, Nishkam and all my well wishes were so happy, because this was not only the result of mine, this was the result of their blessings, support and endless efforts.

'Ab dilli door nahi', this was my actual feeling because my mind was so confident that yes, I can do it. No no, I will do it. No no, it is already done. Again with full efforts, hard work and passion, I started my preparation for all four groups of 'professional prog examination – Final stage of the Race'. The day or the night, did not matter for me, the festivals or the relatives not at all visible to me, party and picnic, I never thought that time. The only determined goal in my body, mind and soul was COMPANY SECRETARY.

I did it, yes I did it in the very next year, all groups cleared in one shot. Now with all pride and honor I was able to say that yes, I am a Company Secretary. Moreover I am a Professional. The feelings in my nervous, emotions of my parents, tears of my mother, pride and honor of my guru Ji and esteemed image of my Nishkam, I cannot forget even a single expression or the moment.

There are numbers of ups and downs, which I faced during this 3 years journey which is extremely difficult to capture on the paper, but that all pains got instantly removed when I saw my mark sheet of CS Professional Programme. This could never be possible without the support and guidance of my nears and dears.

After completing the examination, I joined Religare Enterprises Limited as Management Trainee, where I worked for 15 months and completed my training. Thereafter I completed my other miscellaneous trainings and then the grand date i.e. 6th Dec, 2010 came when I got my degree of 'CS Shekhar Chopra'.

Now Shekhar Chopra was converted into CS Shekhar Chopra. As a Company Secretary, I started my first job in SRL Diagnostics Private Limited, where I worked for 2 years. Presently I am working as Assistant Manager – Merger & acquisition in leading Consultancy Firm of India, i.e., Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited.

I have learnt a lot, during this journey actually this journey teaches me a lot. It helped me to understand the importance of being professional and it helped me to understand the meaning of support, guidance and efforts.

Thanks a lot Nishkam!

Shekhar Chopra

Assistant Manager| Tax & Regulatory

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd

Gurgaon, Haryana